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Pizza Adventures

Last month my husband and I decided to try one new brick oven pizza restaurant every weekend for a month. We were in search of a brick oven pizza similar to the one we had while in Paris, France back in March.

Because what else is there to do in the middle of a pandemic when a lot of establishments are closed and you can't travel?

Make up your own adventure in your own town! 

Ricci Pizzeria Paris France

This pizza was so freaking amazing we had them 3 times while in Paris, France. Not only were they good, it was also right down the street from our hotel, in walking distance. Oh the place is called Ricci Eiffel, here is their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/RicciEiffel/  

So we started our mission by asking our facebook friends to make recommendations as well as doing some hardcore brick oven pizza research. We take our food very seriously. Haha.

We narrowed our pizza scavenger hunt down to the metro Atlanta area. After we found a few, we made a google map with pins so we wouldn't forget which ones we really wanted to try.

Okay, down to eating delicious greasy pizza!

Our first brick oven pizza place was Blaze Pizza, We visited the Blaze Pizza location on Cobb Pkwy in Atlanta. It is set up like a subway but for pizza! You tell them what kind of crust you want when you get to the front of the line, then you walk down the line like you would at subway and add all the yummy toppings you want! We both got our own pizza and some cheese twist thingys to share.

The oven was gas, so it did not have that wood brick oven flavor that we were in search of. It was a good pizza but it did not meet our France expectations.

MOD Pizzeria

Our second brick oven pizzeria we visited was another subway style pizzeria called MOD Pizza, this place was located in Kennesaw GA. I don't think this one had a wood oven either. But we did like this place.

The pizza was really good, the cheese bread was freaking amazing. It was the perfect amount of greasy. We both got our own pizza along with cheese bread, that looks like a cheese pizza. I am pretty sure we ate everything except a few cheese sticks lol! Oh and the atmosphere was great! It was overall a good experience. I would definitely recommend if you're looking for a subway style pizza place. We will be returning.

Anticos Pizza

The last Brick oven place we went to was Anticos in Atlanta at the Battery. I believe there is another location in downtown Atlanta.

Out of all of the three places we went to this one was my favorite! It was on point, and a lot like the pizza from Ricci Eiffel that I was trying to find. Antico DOES use wood in their oven, therefore you get the wood flavor which the others did not have. The menu is in Italian I think? I don't know I just saw it was in a different language so I went straight to the English menu on the table. haha.

Antico Pizza Atlanta

The image doesn't do justice but it is bigger than it looks in the picture. We only got 1 pie for the both of us to share. The flavor was amazing, it was the perfect amount of greasy, even the crust was delicious with the smoked flavor.

I loved the fact that the kitchen is out in the open and you can watch them making your pizza.

We loved their pizza so much we went back the very next weekend. lol. The second time we went, we got 2 pizzas so we could take one of them home with us to eat the next day.

We had a few more pizzerias on our list that we are planning to go to but we were a little pizza'd out. lol. All in all. Antico was the winner for our Pizza Adventures.

Antico also offers gelato, so we ended our night with a chocolate mint gelato.


I love food so much I made a hoodie especially for the occasion.
The "Feed me & tell me I'm pretty" hoodie. I cannot wait to wear this during the holidays, or for our next food adventure. Link below.


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