About Me

About Me

Hey there, so I just wanted introduce myself!

I started this site to offer a few kick-ass products because I can never find cool shit that I love so I started making my own shit, and I figured what better than to share my kick-ass products with all of you too!

So any who. I am actually a full-time visual designer, if you're unsure wtf that is, let me explain a little bit. I design logos, websites, take care of social media accounts, as well as design stuff to push out on those accounts. Pretty much i make shit look pretty. :)

I have my Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and a User Experience Certificate, which means I can make an app look pretty but i cannot code it, I just design it.

I am a very determined little fucker. lol

A little about me as a person opposed to business stuff. I am originally from Michigan but currently live in Metro Atlanta. I am married to the most amazing human on the planet and he's the best. We have been together for 8 years and married for 5 in 2020. I dye my hair a lot, if you're not following me on Instagram you should find me at the link below and watch my hair change to a different color once a month. lol. See below.

We love to travel, we try to go one new place a year. So far we have been to NYC, Disney, Italy, Ireland and France. We were actually in France when the shit hit the fan with the pandemic! That was quite the experience which I may write about at a later date.

We have 2 doggies, they are our children. One of them is a Bulldog, her name is Panda and the other one is a Maltese and his name is Nimbus. also if you'd like to see my cute doggies, find me on Instagram! I post them a lot too!

I think that about sums me up! Thanks for visiting my site and checking out my blog!

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